SFM-Shop Floor Management Implementation

Brief Introduction to SFM-Shop Floor Management :

Shop floor management is a tool for developing and managing the shop floor operations, inventory, equipment and workers.

Shop Floor Management consists Routing of Materials, Sequencing the procedures and processes, Scheduling of Workforce, Resources and Operations, Finding deviation from Procedures and Processes, Identify the communication loopholes

SFM helps to take care of:
Brings visibility to WIP
Provides Visual impact and Monitoring
Creates effictive Information Flow
Manufacturing help at the click of button
Provides alarm for immediate action
Monitors Efficiency of Production
Generate automatic MIS-Customised MIS
Eliminates synchronisation headaches
Can control from anywhere, cloud based, browser based
Can be extend to Customers and Suppliers - Login to be provided for tracking
Digital Kanban for effective digital warehouse-Pull system establishment
Eliminates communication errors
Reduces Throughput Time

Depends on the Scope of the Project

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