Organizational Transformation-Managing the Growth through Systematic KRA/KPI/MIS Deployment

Brief Introduction to Organizational Transformation-Managing the Growth through Systematic KRA/KPI/MIS Deployment

Voice of Customer
Icebreaking Tone setting - Change Management with all Stakeholders (HODs and Deputies)
Reorganization discussion with HR and MD
One to One with stakeholders
Preparation of JDs
CFT workshops for JD Ownership
Taking Companies Vision-Mision to SMART goals and Targets
Cascading above goals in well defined KPI/KRA
System Coordination.
Monitoring and Review mechanism for Sustenance and Continuous Improvement.

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Benefits of having strong and adaquate Organisation Structure
Faster decision making, and deployment of actions.
Can Expand Multiple business locations.
Improved operating efficiency.
Greater employee performance.
Eliminates duplication of work.
Reduced employee conflict - who will do what?
Better and Faster communication.
Improved Ownership.

Benefits of KRA
Linking of each job role to business strategy.
Top-down stratigy deployment.
Setting of SMART goals for employees.
Employee development through Need based coaching and counseling.
Periodic evaluation of outcomes.
Fair and timely completion of performance reviews.
Employee hiring based on organization needs.

Benefits of KPI's
Can Measure Results-Predefined Targets vs Actual outcome.
Helps to Set Future Business Goals.
Helps to find out bottlenecks / loopholes from Business Strategy.
Helps to find out our Business Strengths.

Benefits of MIS
Crucial Data Management and complex decision-making.
Analyses trends which helps in strategic planning.
Future Goal setting.
Brings problems on surfaces.
Increases efficiency...
Business Performance analysis and Bench Marking